It is with the desire to make the experience of buying art online more human and to avoid transactional and impersonal intermediaries that every "contact" button leads to me.

Looking forward to co-create with you.

Jessie Cabot
Project manager, co-artistic director, sales Representative

It is with a reflexive, authentic and committed approach that Cath Laporte embarks on an adventure in her exploration of the world. With a burning desire to discover and tame her great darkness, Laporte traces and retraces her intrapsychic discoveries.

Repetition allows, according to her, to clear a deeper and deeper path within herself, or even in co-creation with others, and thus to revisit her explorations in order to make them evolve. She encourages this internal experience which spurs the blossoming of new ideas and triggers a change in her usual circuit, a bit like when she remembers a mantra and the words suddenly take on a broader meaning and certain realities, a new trajectory.

The flexibility and plasticity of a growing child resonates very much in Laporte; she also draws inspiration from it to heighten her neuroplasticity. Life, according to her, is a living laboratory in which she moves with agility and where creation and improvisation reveal an empathetic and revolutionary playground. Her body, heart and mind are then constantly observed and questioned, so that her perceptions can open up and expand. How can one be in the presence of one thing and its opposite while remaining benevolent?

Through the constant development of an agile internal structure that serves as a compass, Laporte faces this chaotic world in search of better self-management and collaboration tools. Naturally, she brings together design, art and conversation to create a whole new culture out of drawing manifestations.

To navigate against the current of the unconscious biases and the dark thoughts of the human mind (and therefore her own mind), Cath Laporte, as a regenerative builder, continually taps into creativity, kindness, generosity and our great capacity to love. It is through meditation, contemplation and creation that she awakens these qualities in herself to share them with others.

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