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We encourage professional framing to :

- Ensure sustainability of the artwork :
The frame is an important component and its guardian, in part. It protects the artwork from all surrounding elements (ambient light, humidity in the air, splashes, temperature variations...).

- To be more in harmony with the composition of the support :
We mainly work with handmade paper made from recycled fabric scraps without chemical agents; organic means living materials and therefore reactive.

- To promote a know-how that aims to enhance the work :
Thanks to the sharp eye of our expert picture framers, you will feel as if you have a piece of museum at home. And, the work floats like a flying carpet! It's nice, huh?

- Supporting the local economy :
We work with picture framers based in Montreal and Quebec City who use mostly local resources.

ø ± 12 x 16 po for an artwork of 8 x 10 in (= 30.50 x 40.65 cm for an artwork of 20.30 x 25.40 cm)

▬ Floating mount frame with natural maple wood moulding and a whitewash finish

¤ $130 CAD + tx* (= 89 euros = $97.80 USD**) for a frame with a regular glass

¤ $150 CAD + tx* (= 102.70 euros = $113 USD**) for a frame with a reflection controlled glass

* Taxes are not included for sales within Canada.
** Prices in Euro and US dollars are listed here as an indication.