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"To draw a card from the Oracle Sans Bla-Bla is to plunge into an inner journey.
Each card allows you to reconnect to your own values: poetic, funny, serious or absurd"

This contemporary oracle of 40 cards is an evolutionary tool to align yourself and move toward greater authenticity.
Pauline Vernet's insightful texts, combined with Cath Laporte's playful and unconventional art, will touch you, reveal you and free you.

Available in french only

ø 5 x 6,5 po (= 12,7 x 17,2 cm approx.)

▬ Box of 40 cards with booklet and a storage pouch

© Original idea and texts by Pauline Vernet and illustration by Cath Laporte

□ Published by Editions Tredaniel, for Europe buy HERE

¤ $46.95 + TPS* (= $34,60 USD**)

* Taxes are not included for sales within Canada.
** Prices in Euro and US dollars are listed here as an indication.