When we go towards the soft core of our body, heart and brain, we practice finding our form in resonance with others.

More elasticity for a connected community.

The Buddies series was born in Amsterdam in 2014 out of my determination to schematize and democratize salutary explorations that I seek to assimilate. Each buddy is drawn and redrawn by hand on paper made from ancestral techniques with recycled materials. They will evolve with you on your journey, that’s for sure. 

Adopt one, explore with.

ø 18 x 24 in (= 45.70 x 60.95 cm approx.)

▬ Pencil and marker on Saint-Armand paper made in Montreal from recycled linen

© Certificate of authenticity included

□ Custom framing available upon request, if interested write us!

¤ $160 CAD + tx* (= 110.50 euros = $125.50 USD**)

* Taxes are not included for sales within Canada.
** Prices in Euro and US dollars are listed here as an indication.